Toyota Engine Engine Mount Inserts
(111R, Exige S2, Elise SC, Elise R, 2-11)

€74.95 (€90.69 Inc VAT)

The toyota engine mounts are known to be rather weak. They allow quite a lot of movement of the engine.
This movement can be noticed while driving behind a 2-11. The engine rocks in quite an extreme way.

An extremely rocking engine means loss of power, but it also makes the car less stable as the engine weight is moving back and forth.

After testing several different compounds, we have found a solution which doesn't compromise the comfort of the car (no extreme vibrations etc.) but which will greatly decrease the amount of rocking of the engine.

We also found the gearchange improves quite a lot because the attachment to the gearbox doesn't move as badly as it did.

These parts are simply inserted into the existing front and rear engine mount.

Model: 2ZZESB

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