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Our Lotus Parts Search provides the opportunity to look up any Lotus original partnumber.

Lotus changes partnumbers from time to time. This can be because of revisions or because of a change of supplier.

If the partnumber returns a Part Description which starts with R/B, you will have to copy the new partnumber and start a new search for the part mentioned after R/B.

Prices which are displayed at replaced parts are not valid.

If the partnumber is valid, you will see the partnumber, the actual part description and price of the part.

If your lookup returned a valid product, you will see a buy link at the right hand side. When you click this link, the partnumber will be copied into our database and placed in your shopping cart. You will now be able to place an order for the part you searched for.

If the systems returns obsolete in the description of the part it means we will not be able to order this part from Lotus any longer.

Please contact us if you experience any difficulties using this search function.

Most obsolete and internal products from this pricelist.

We reserve the right to refuse an order for specific parts.

Lotus OE parts will have to come from the factory. This means there will be a leadtime for the UK of approx. 1.5 weeks and for the rest of the world of about 2 weeks if the parts are in stock at Lotus.


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