Fireater Fire Extinguisher
(Elise, Exige, VX220)

€79.00 (€95.59 Inc VAT)

The Fireater is a flame inhibitor which works by saturation, particularly effective in more or less closed environments such as the engine compartment or passenger compartment of a car.

Its revolutionary technology, developed for the Soviet space stations Soyuz, is based on the use of a potassium salt and pyrotechnic rubbing primer which produce a gas that escapes from the shell and suffocates the flame. It offers numerous, sensational advantages compared to a traditional extinguisher:

reduced size: length 270 mm, diameter 30, weight 250 grams

no maintenance

no residue after use

non pressurised contents, may therefore be shipped by plane thanks to its declassification to non exploding product (Prot. N° 04003546 – 1/30/1 Area 1/Bis)

51 seconds of delivery, against the approximately 10 seconds of a 1 kg powder extinguisher.

The Fireater is classified in class 8B, and can therefore be kept inside the car, since European regulations (ECE), require a minimum of class 5B.

The Fireater nowadays comes from the OE supplier as Sparco stopped selling these. There is no Sparco sticker on these any longer.


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