High Precision 52mm Oil Temperature gauge including sensor

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elise-shop.com is able to offer you these high precision 52mm gauges at very competative pricing!

Our starting point was to find 52mm gauges which were to be compatible with other high end products in terms of precision and functionallity. We wanted them to be analog instead of digital because of readability. (you would like to be able to determine if all is ok in a quick glance!)

An important atvantage is the scale of these gauges.. We decided to go for 260° scales. This means you will be seeing the oil temperature rising from 50°C on. These 260 degree scales offer you a lot more information then the regular small scales.

Besides that, we also found it very usefull to have a programmable alarm in these gauges. The alarm, which is user programmable will sound and will light a LED inside the gauge. As an option, you can also hook up a secondary LED which you could place above the instrument cowl.

In terms of precision, our gauges and sensors guarantee a full range deviation of max. 1.5%!

As used in the Stack/Shurlock displays, we chose to opt for steppermotors to drive the dial. This means that the electronics always knows about the relative position of the dial. There can be no deviation as the system resets itself after each power cycle.

The colour can either be white or amber. The colour can be switched by hooking the gauge up to the light switch or by simply choosing a fixed setup.

If you're serious about keeping an eye at your engine temperature, these are the gauges to go for!

Oil Temperature gauge with a range from 50-150°C

These instruments come INCLUDING 1/8 NPT sensor and wiring to connect the sensor!

Model: MST5

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