Knock Sensor
(Elise, Exige, Evora, Exige V6)

€99.50 (€120.40 Inc VAT)

Knock Sensor, suitable for all models with a Toyota 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engine.

The knock sensor is a very important sensor to prevent any engine damage.
It's fixed on the block and measures vibrations caused by engine knock.
The ECU uses the signal to alter ignition timing to prevent detonation.

Symptons of a bad knock sensor usually show up at motorway speeds or under load.
The fuel economy might drop and the engine might jut 'not feel right'.

If the sensor is completely gone, the ECU will detect this and throw up a MIL code as well the as Check Engine Light.

Knock sensors are sensitive devices. When you drop them on the floor, there's a fair chance it will break. Broken sensors caused by drops are out of warranty.

Model: 132E6298

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