Motorsport Toe Link Kit
(Elise, Exige, 340 R, 2-Eleven, VX220)

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By not showing any wear on the rod ends after a demanding racing event such as the Dubai 24hr we've proven our standard toe link to be a rock solid and durable solution.

However.. there's always room for improvement.

Rod ends are known to be consumables. They will wear over time and you will have to replace them.

However, there's rod ends as we use them for our standard toe link kit and there's NMB rod ends.

NMB are a Japanese high precision bearing manufacturer who are used to design and produce bearings for the aircraft industry. You will find these bearings in wing flaps, engine and wing mounts and hatches all round commercial aeroplanes.

Not only aeroplanes or even space applications are common places for these bearings to be found, you will also find them an nearly all current F1 cars. Although the Formule One industry have the tendacy to replace parts far before they wear out they do recognize these bearings as the most durable rod ends available on the market.

Our Motorsport Toe-Link kit is designed to cope with the highest demanding applications in mind. We have replaced the bearings from our standard kit with custom NMB bearings.

As the inspection intervals on race cars are much shorter than those on road cars, we also decided to move to a high tensile (10.9) bolt kit.

To make life easy, we include one extra set of inner and outer bolts with each kit just in case you've bent something.

All other parts of the kit were initially designed to meet the highest demands, so with choosing the Motorsport toe-link kit, you'll be using the best bearings money can buy!

The image only shows part of the kit.


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