Nylon Self Lubricating wishbone bushes
(Elise, Exige, Europa, VX220)

€205.00 (€248.05 Inc VAT)

Nylon is perfect as a bearing, but the lubrication of Nylon is a problem in a wishbone bush application.
Nylatron combines nylon plastic with molybdenum disulfide which makes it self lubricating, but Nylatron has proven to be too soft for the application, which results in binding wishbones.. something you'd really want to prevent.

elise-shop.com has found a Nylon product which is self lubricating but isn't as soft as Nylatron.

These bushes will replace all the rubber wishbone bushes on your Elise. Replacing rubber with our bushes will give you a big advantage.. you will feel much more of what's going on at the wheels.

After various discussions in with our customers, we have decided to go for this redesign.
This new design has different mechanical characteristics. The interior of the bushes has been sealed, preventing water and dirt to get into the wishbone eyes and bushes.

The mechanical approach is different as well. Wishbone eyes are being deformed by welding. From a mechanical point of view you will not find two identical wishbone eyes. For that reason our approach is to adjust the bush to the wishbone eye rater than compressing at the welding spot and reaming the bush.
In this way, the material of the bush will stay at the same tension level which results in better pivoting action.

Without compromising the ride comfort, this set, combined with a Anti Roll Bar can be a serious option for those that don't want to invest into a complete set of springs and dampers (and all the time to adjust them).

If you're serious about improving your driving skills, this will help feeling what you're doing..


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