Brexit announcement

In the light of current developments, or should we say the lack of developments we see ourselves forced to take a number of steps which will change the way we run our business.

For EU customers:

At this point in time (29/11) it is unclear as to what will exactly happen regarding a trading deal between the EU and UK. If the negotiations lead to a free trade deal as it was before, there's nothing to worry about. If any other deal is struck, anyone dealing with the UK will be facing an increased cost to move products from the UK into the EU. This will have a knock-on effect on a part of our sales prices.

Important: As it is unclear to anyone what the situation is after 1-1-2021, we reserve the right to re-evaluate sales prices for open orders which are carried into the new year. This is only valid for pending orders which are placed from 1-12-2020 onwards. Although we will try to prevent this from happening, you will still have the right to cancel at that point.

For UK customers:

Although it is still unclear what will happen at the 1st of Jan 2021, we have to decide on how to move on. Any deal except for free trade and open borders means we are not able to operate the business as we did before where fulfilment was done from UK warehouse and our Dutch warehouses. We feel it to be unfair to offer parts as a UK company and confront you with additional costs when the parcel arrives. As it is not justified to ‘mirror’ the warehouses in the UK and Holland, we cannot do anything else than stop direct trading as a UK company.

This doesn't mean will disappear, we will continue offering parts for your Lotus!

We will however only trade in Euro and in case of closed borders, you will have to pay for VAT and handling. How much that handling charge will be is unclear until a deal (or no deal) is struck.

As of 6-12-2020, the possibility to buy in Sterling from our UK company will disappear from our website. Pending orders will be fulfilled of course. If there's any major availability issues, we will contact anyone who has pending orders to sort things out correctly and in a timely fashion.


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