Pre-Load Adjustable Balljoint
(Elise, Exige, VX220 all models)

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Pre-Load Adjustable Balljoint (Elise, Exige, VX220 all models)
Pre-Load Adjustable Balljoint (Elise, Exige, VX220 all models)
Pre-Load Adjustable Balljoint (Elise, Exige, VX220 all models)

Ball Joints come with a set pre-load.
Although this pre-load will be roughly the same for all ball joints, you will see differences in pre-load once you've pressed the ball joints in.
A tolerance of 0.1mm will already create a noticable difference..

One of the options would be to go for bearings but these doesn't allow you to correct for any tolerances so we stepped away from that approach.

Our engineering department has spent many hours creating an all new design on the CAD systems and discussing the possibilities with our manufacturer.

The result is an revolutionairy new ball joint design which allows you to go to nearly zero friction. This allows more precise movement of the suspension on your car and less friction losses.

All Ball Joints are sent out with the same Pre-Load setting of 0.5Nm.
You can regulate the setting by just screwing the nut under the ball joint in or out.
We have used low strength Loctite 52A22 to lock the nut on the pin.
Normally you wouldn't need to use any more loctite in this application, but if you do, always use a low strength thread lock to prevent the nut from getting damaged.

When using our Ball Joint Press Tool, you will need a press plate with a larger hole.
You can order the press plate separately in our tool section or when you buy a new press tool, you will receive the tool with the correct diameter press plate.

Model: PLBJ

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