S2 Rover RHD -> LHD conversion

At this moment, a lot of Right Hand Drive Elises and Exiges are being imported from the UK to Continental Europe.

After getting the registration, lot's of people want to convert their car from Right Hand drive to Left Hand drive cars. elise-shop.com is putting a lot of effort in sourcing the right parts at the right prices for these conversions.
In some cases, the parts are no longer beeing produced by Lotus. Elise-shop.com will get in contact with the relevant suppliers to produce these parts.

Please keep in mind that you might be facing a leadtime on some of the parts. We are fully depending on Lotus for these.

Below listing are all parts which are 'handed'. This doesn't mean you need all of these parts. We recommend to buy a Parts Manual and carefully study the drawings to see what you actually need for your specific car.

We regularly receive requests asking to produce a complete partslist for a car which someone has in mind.
Please be advised that we are not able to generate such a list as such.
We would recommend to buy an Elise S2 with Rover engine Parts List and go from there.
It is not possible to generate partslists from VIN numbers etc. You will need to have the manual, know the car and determine your own specific list.

First Half 2011: The Fascia top panel of the dash has become a huge problem. The panel is not available from Lotus at this moment.
The prices for the aliminium panels have gone up, but we do seem availability again!


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