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Welcome to our suspension section.

There's a lot of fuss about suspension upgrades for the Lotus Elise. Of course, upgrading springs and dampers could be a solution. We found most people are not able / don't take the time to have such a combination set up in a proper way. They end up with a factory setting which is not completely satisfactory.

If you'd like to improve the handling of your Elise, we'd advise you to start with some other mod's. Try our Anti Roll Bar in combination with the Nylatron Wishbone Bush set. This combination will provide you with better overall feeling and will certainly help you to stop disturbing balance while cornering.

Considering to fit A038 or even slicks? Don't forget to fit a rear Toe Link Set! The original setup of the Elise cannot cope with the force that's released when using high grip tyres. Don't let it surprise you at the track!

If you are looking for the ultimate in handling, have a close look at our Nitron suspension, these spring/damper combinations will improve roadholding and overal road following performance.


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