Since Brexit came in place we have seized offering products in Sterling and ship all our parts exclusively from the Netherlands.

As our warehouse is in the EU, British customers are confronted with different rules than before.

To clarify, please read below text.

For UK customers:

If we send parts to the UK, we will not charge you any VAT on checkout. However, you do need to pay VAT at some point, so when your parcel arrives in the UK the courier will contact you to pay VAT.

There’s no way around this and there’s no way to reverse this.

This is valid both for individuals and businesses.

If you are a business you can reclaim the VAT, a consumer can’t reclaim VAT.

Import paperwork:

As the courier needs to do the paperwork to import your products into the country, they will charge you for an admin fee. This is usually £10-£15

Mind you, this procedure is valid for anything you buy from outside the UK, it’s not unique for us and it’s something enforced by the British government. We have no influence on this, we are not able to change this for you.