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Home of the Hurriane Induction Kit

The Hurricane combines the advantages of an open airfilter (sportsfilter) and an airbox. The system is gas flowed from the side air vent. Using the advantage of the sportsfilter and the cold air intake, power and torque gain is obvious!

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Engine Cooling

Alloy radiators, oil coolers and hoses

If you are serious about your trackdays or if you are planning to race your car then upgrading the cooling will improve the reliability of your engine

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Momo and Sparco Replacement Steering Wheels

Steering wheels, removable kits and spacers

Freshen up the interior, improve access to the car, make it more secure or just because, a new steering wheel can be justified in many ways.

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Convert your car to LHD!

Sit on the right side, the left!

With so many cars leaving the UK and going into Europe Elise Shop has invested heavily in a simple conversion kit allowing owners to sit on the correct side of the car.

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Official Larini Systems Distributor

elise-shop is the official distributor for Larini Systems world's leading exhaust systems.

Important for UK based customers:

Due to the regulations imposed by HMRC we are not able to ship parcels with a product value below £135.
When placing an order, we will not charge you VAT.
However, when the order arrives in the UK, the courier will approach you for payment of VAT and an import handling fee (usually between £12 and £15)

Important for customers in Switzerland and Norway:

As of 19-09-2022, UPS will stop their Standard service to Switzerland and Norway. Any bookings made for pending orders will need to be re-booked to UPS Express Saver which will unfortunately incur an extra cost. regrets this decision, but there's nothing we can do to stop this from happening and as we do not make any profit on shipping we have no other chance than charge the difference at cost.

With more than twenty years experience, are still developing and offering a wealth of products for the Lotus Elise, Exige and Evora platform.

Products are being manufactured around the globe, most of them to our specification as we quite often think standard is not good enough.

We pride ourselves that many if not most of the Elise, Exige or Evora race cars you see in various race series carry our parts.
As a part of the Lotus community, we sponsor several large forums and we sponsor several major race series. Not just for a year but as long term technical partners.

We're looking forward to welcoming you as a customer or to see you coming back as a returning customer.

We are here for you!

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